On-line learning platform for organizations and individuals

On-line learning platform for organizations and individuals

Quality professional, thematical, and vocational learning made easy and affordable.

Thanks to the new platform employees can grow, gain needed advice, information and experience about individual disciplines, legislation, or so-called soft skills for example. The platform saves companies a large number of financial resources, and in the meantime, it also offers a way of developing effectively.

Giant worldwide potential

In the first phase, the platform focuses on the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the second phase, it focuses on English speaking countries and then on designated countries within the EU and outside of it.

Thanks to the online platform and the experience of the developer, the project will be able to reach tens to hundreds of millions of users in dozens of countries.


Investment range

  • The first phase: 300 - 400,000 Euro
    next phase (expansion abroad): 900 - 1,000,000 Euro

  • Minimum deposit of 10 000 Euro
    optimal investment length is 5 years (by arrangement 3-7 years)


  • the estimated value is 6-8% p.a. of the amount of the investment

Level of risk

  • slight risk
    especially since it is a completely new platform in the field of education


The project developer has long-term experience in the field of education, is devoted to the development of selected professions. Thanks to this experience and its own technical assets the project is on good ground.

It also owns the technical assets needed for the project, including:

  • it's own infrastructure
    servers, web system, technical assets for video production, selling licenses

  • it's own professional TV technology
    video chords, necessary equipment, ability to broadcast in the 4K format

  • technical team
    coworkers for web administration, recording, and other technical needs...



Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi
E-mail: petr.hamrozi(at)profibusiness.world
Www: www.profibusiness.world

Date of entry

8. července 2018


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