A platform for those who are seeking
an investor or for those who want to invest - International business platformType: Investment, Evaluation: 6-8%, Subject: Internet, business - International business platform

The international business platform connects companies of all sizes, forms and fields of business from all over the world. The platform supports import, export, acquisition, business collaboration,...
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A compelling food and beverage labelType: Investment, Evaluation: 6-8%, Subject: Food industry

A compelling food and beverage label

Food can be one of the most profitable and exciting industries if the label is successful. The unique concept of a good grocery brand focused on drinks, snacks, and in the next phase of selected consumer goods, can be very successful within a few...
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On-line learning platform for organizations and individualsType: Investment Evaluation: 6-8%, Subject: Education

On-line learning platform for organizations and individuals

Quality professional, thematical, and vocational learning made easy and affordable. Thanks to the new platform employees can grow, gain needed advice, information and experience about individual disciplines, legislation, or so-called soft skills...
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